A day to celebrate…

Birthdays have always been a big deal for me. I’m one of those people who still loves to celebrate—and I doubt I’ll ever grow out of that. I enjoy celebrating my family & friends birthdays just as much as I love celebrating mine… I just love birthdays. To me, a birthday is an opportunity to celebrate life.

Birthdays are apparently celebrated all across the world in different ways…
In Canada with nose greasing. In China there’s long noodles. In Germany they sweep streets. I’d say we are pretty lucky here in the US to celebrate with a sugar high and candles.
This year; however, we are celebrating my birthday for another reason… A baby’s life that will be forever changed.
Tomorrow Chip and I get to make our adoption announcement public.
As I sit here typing I am experiencing so many different emotions. I am nervous because I know once we make our announcement there will be a lot of reactions and I am already preparing to step in and protect our baby from those who doubt this decision or may have ugly thoughts or words to say about the matter.
I am also anxious because I know once the news is out, it makes everything real.
Most of all though, I am filled with so much love because I know as of tomorrow the public will see us as a mommy and daddy to be.
I was reminded this afternoon by a Facebook post that God always has the final say and that He has the power to do all things—both imaginable and unimaginable. That is what we are holding onto.
We know that God put a calling on our lives to adopt a baby and we trust that sometime over the next year, that baby will be placed in our arms.
I say all of this to say, this mama-to-be is going to bed on her birthday eve more excited for tomorrow than she’s ever been! I cannot wait to see what this next journey has for us and how God plans to use it to further His kingdom!

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